Water Without Waste | Reducing the yacht’s plastic footprint by choosing healthy drinking water

Water without Waste is founded in September 2018, as an answer to the results of the survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic, also on superyachts’. Marja Kok, who has been running superyachts for ten years, put her finger on the usage of plastic bottled drinking water in the industry with this survey around the end of 2017. With an outcome of 55 % of crew and 79 % of owners and guests drinking plastic bottled water, an extrapolated equivalent of 40 million litres of plastic bottled water per year is being consumed on superyachts. When 96 % of the responding yachts were seriously willing to consider a more sustainable and healthier alternative, it was clear for Marja that this survey could not just remain to be only a survey.

With the dramatic state of ocean life due to plastic pollution, recycling being either not present in some parts of the world or a real challenge microplastics and Bisphenol A poison in plastic bottled drinking water, and different quality levels of mains drinking water in ports (from highly chlorinated to questionable quality in less developed countries) making captains, crew and guests not trusting/liking their yacht’s’ tapwater. There was an obvious (latent) need for an adequate sustainable and healthy change in drinking water treatment and habits on board.

Water treatment on yachts had been mainly focused on treating the water in the yacht’s water tanks. Treating the water in the tanks was done by providing bacterial free service water, considered neither a healthy nor a tasty source of hydration on board. Sometimes a ‘magic’ water filter was added to the galley tap, which was considered ‘good enough’ for the crew but seldom considered as a prime source of hydration for yacht owners or charter guests.

After almost a year of research and teaming up with water purification expert Andreas Buhl, Water without Waste was founded in September 2018, as a Dutch company aiming to deliberate the yachting industry from plastic bottled water. Water without Waste is offering a genuinely healthy alternative by means of high-quality drinking water purification equipment

WwW 3 way drinking water faucet: purified, purified chilled and purified chilled sparkling drinking water

No matter from what source, wherever in the world,  WwW’s solutions treat the tank water, downstream the water tanks just before it hits the (drinking water) faucet. Purifying the water to the highest level, not only removing bacterias or viruses but also antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics and disinfection byproducts (f.e. chlorine used in the tanks). 

WwW’s Compact Power HDO purifying equipment provides a direct flow of minimal 2 litres of purified drinking water per minute without the need to store the water in a buffer- or expansion tank. Automatic flushing, an anti-flooding sensor, easy yearly sanitation, a display providing smart information when it’s time to replace the prefilter, easy installation and a minimum of consumables and maintenance make this a (super)yacht worthy drinking water solution. Combining the purifier with WwW’s chilling and sparkling equipment creates optimal convenience for all onboard while saving space and costs.

Owners and crew on the yachts that are using the solutions of WwW (See the Wall of Care on WwW’s website) love the quality, taste, and convenience of this prime source of life. The equipment found their way to not only Europe-based yachts but also to yachts and newbuilds in the Caribbean, USA and South Africa.

Stylish personal reusable bottles completen the sustainable performance of the yacht

A few recent anecdotes out of the daily life of WwW:  

  •  A captain of a charter sailing superyacht consulted WwW for a drinking water purification system following a charter inquiry for a charter without plastic bottled water on board. This example endorses Marja’s vision that sustainability is not only our responsibility as ocean loving and ocean depending yachting industry, but also marketing-wise a smart step to take. Sustainability is getting increasingly important in the yachting and charter industry, and it is up to charter companies to take the initiative or to wait for regulations that certainly will come sooner or later.
  • The 2nd anecdote is related to an owner of a new build motor yacht searching for a space on board to fit in WwW’s compact power equipment. Wondering why the shipyard didn’t build this equipment in as a standard, thus endorsing Marja’s quote: To turn the tide on plastic, start at the yard.

Van der Vliet Quality Yachts endorses the ambition of Water without Waste to reduce the plastic footprint of superyachts by choosing sustainable and healthy drinking water on board. This green course fits the upcoming tendency in yacht building and yacht owning to reduce the environmental impact of yachts.

Visit waterwithoutwaste.org/solutions/yachting for more information on a sustainable and healthy drinking water solution on board of your yacht.

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