Repeat Business

Every yacht listed on the Van der Vliet website becomes part of our yachts family. Our team gets to know every detail of the vessel and focuses on creating the best online and interactive presentation, one which will reflect her best qualities and features.

The closing of a successful sale is a complicated process with various challenging steps. To start with, today’s fast-paced market requires a hands-on mentality. In addition to extensive knowledge of the yacht’s history, a high level of technical know-how is also required as well as negotiating experience and expertise in tax rules, contracts, documentation, registration, crew matters and other legal formalities. The experience, marketing and sales approach at Van der Vliet covers all these subjects, helping ensure an honest, transparent and maximum sales result. It is also why we have so many successful repeat sales worldwide.

After-sales services

Another important element in the sales process at Van der Vliet is the personal and open communication between brokers and clients. Even after a sale is completed, new owners may still have some questions or require assistance with legal procedures, a refit project or subcontractors. The Van der Vliet team always strive to help with any questions owners might have regarding their yacht. As we are the buyer’s main contact, the seller doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

As a result, many of the yachts that Van der Vliet Quality Yachts has sold over the years were sold several times. Some have even been through our books on no less than six occasions.

What our clients say

It is gratifying to hear feedback from contented clients. One of the owners we recently assisted with a purchase sent us this kind message:

“It clearly shows that your specialization in the Dutch-built-and-designed segment of the yachting industry was the right one. Honesty, dedication, professionalism are key words which I encountered when I bought my yacht through your services. Jeroen’s attitude, which was truly guiding rather than pushing, was a big help in my decision. It is very pleasant to see that we kept the good contact going, so not like deal done, end of story. I wish you all the best for the next 10 years (and beyond of course). Onwards and upwards!” - Owner Doggersbank Explorer motor yacht

One of our main goals as a brokerage company is to make sure that every new or current yacht owner is pleased with the high level of service we strive to provide.

47 Moonen yachts sold

Since 1975, Van der Vliet Quality Yachts has sold over 1000 yachts, many of which were built by internationally-renowned Dutch shipyards.

As Ad van der Vliet was very active in the Dutch yachting scene, he had close contact with Rien Moonen when he started Moonen Shipyard in the eighties at the same location where previously De Ruyter was located. The good work relationship between Rien, Van der Vliet and the Moonen yacht owners, quickly resulted in the first transactions and sales of used Moonen yachts. Since then, more and more transactions took place, and with every sale, we always build up a good relationship between the Moonen yacht owners and the yard.

Over the years we have sold several Moonen yachts multiple times, and recently we have closed the transaction of a unique custom designed motor yacht for the second time, which marks our 47th Moonen yacht sold so far. Located in Asia, she was sold in an intercontinental deal. This sale shows once more the effectiveness of our methods and network.

Every Moonen yacht is unique and has its own story, so for every new listing on our website we have a custom-made sales plan to achieve the best way to launch her in the market. Even if we have sold her in the past, every campaign has a fresh approach and reflect the qualities where Moonen and Van der Vliet stand for.

The sales data we have collected through the years from all Moonen transactions, make it possible to give yacht owners a well substantiated advice on price settings and expected the duration of the sale. This way we can setup a sales campaign based on their wishes and with realistic expectations because in the end, the most important goal for us is to get the highest net result in the fastest way possible for our clients.

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