Kwant Controls

As the world’s leading design and manufacturing company of nautical controls and -systems, Kwant Controls delivers high-quality solutions. Ever since 1937, Kwant Controls has continuously disrupted the market with new innovations.

We design and manufacture various types of control units for the remote control of practically all kinds of propulsion and steering devices, such as: traditional main engine/clutch/CPP-FPP (Fixed pitch propeller or controllable pitch propeller) shaft lines, bow and stern thrusters, Retractable thrusters, rudders and water jets.

Our specialists are continually focused on innovations for improved operations for our end users. Recent innovations include:

  • Haptic feedback, improving the user’s experience by creating an intuitive way of controlling the ship motions
  • Integrated electronics, drastically reducing the built-in space for equipment
  • Hall Effects sensors, enabling more precise output, thus improving the control of instruments
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) display to enhance the vessels operations and that shows intuitively current and relevant system information and status.
  • Electric shaft that synchronizes the operating levers to enhance the ease of use, take over operating positions and increase safety in emergency situations. See picture below.

Our extensive experience guarantees our customers continuity and reliability when using Kwant Controls instruments for their Remote Control Systems.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of tailor-made products and a variety of standard instruments, all designed at the highest quality standards. Nearly all products are type approved by the world’s leading Classification Societies and Inspections.

Every control unit is custom built to the demands of the user, because reliability and trustworthiness of our products is our main goal.

In the end, navigating your ship is our main target.


Kwant Controls B.V.

Voltastraat 3


For the yacht the Griffioen, currently listed at Van der Vliet, Kwant Controls has delivered the main propulsion and thruster levers, steering devices and the Remote Control system, to control the engine speed and pitch of the propeller. Upon request of the owner, we have included a remote steering device, integrated in the sofa, to ease controlling the ship.

For more information or to request the brochure and specifications of the Griffioen, click here