Easterwoods | Teakwood from a sustainable source

Next time your teak decks or interior needs to be renewed, why not choose for Easterwoods, who provides genuine, fair and sustainable teak? 

Easterwoods' goal is to provide Europe with the best teakwood from the Latin American forests, while at the same time be a sustainable and renewable source. 

Gijsbert van der Woude, the founder of Easterwoods, has a background in tropical forestry. He studied Engineering at Wageningen University and has lived in Latin America with his family for many years. He knows the industry and has built a solid network over the years. He is still visiting the area regularly, not only for Easterwoods but also for forestry consulting assignments. With over 25 years of experience in this sector and more than three decades in forestry, Gijsbert has a thorough knowledge of teak.

"We purchase the wood from small stands grown by independent farmers. These farmers planted their (small) forests years ago to create an extra saving for difficult moments or as a pension," explains Gijsbert. Easterwoods pays directly to them, without any intermediary taking commissions.

"Purchasing this wood from local farmers for a better price than the teak market pays in general in Latin America, stimulates them to reforest after the harvest; a much better approach than obligatory or governmental incentives for planting forests; as they are aware of the value of their small forest."

Because of this approach, Easterwoods knows the provenance of its trees in detail. Moreover, due to its intensive selection, Eastwoords can provide you with the best teakwood from Latin America. "We are very proud of the yachts which are using our wood for both indoor and decking."

Easterwoods' teak is a product from trustworthy renewable and sustainable sources that feels just like it is: Natural. 

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