Dutch yacht specialists

Van der Vliet is a well-organised and dedicated international yacht brokerage specialised in motor and sailing yachts built and designed in the Netherlands. Our choice to focus on Dutch-built yachts is based on more than the fact that we’re headquartered in Holland… The Dutch have a longstanding reputation of being the top yachtbuilders in the world.

Quality, made in Holland

Dutch yachts and yards are known across the globe to be of premium quality. Yachtbuilding in the Netherlands started in the 1500s, and extraordinary craftsmanship, knowledge, innovation and cooperation have developed here over the centuries. 

Did you know that the English term ‘yacht’ originates from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, which translates to ‘hunt’ (as these boats were initially deployed to pursue pirates and other criminals)? During the 17th century, the Dutch Republic became the most powerful shipping and trading nation in the world. Relatively small and fast-sailing vessels were used by wealthy shipowners in Amsterdam to inspect the merchandise on their cargo ships returning from the Far East and speedily move goods to local marketplaces. As their owners became richer and more successful, they started using these boats in their leisure time too, making them ever-more luxurious. This resulted in the construction of the world’s first dedicated yacht marina in Amsterdam in 1622.

Jacob van Strij – Het jacht van de kamer Rotterdam begroet een Oost-Indiëvaarder (1790)

Because the Netherlands is located next to the North Sea, with its rough winds and strong currents, the country developed the finest methods and craftsmanship for marine construction early on. To safely sail the often very high and short waves of the North Sea, sailors needed to be able to completely rely on their navigational systems. This is why yachts from the Netherlands are built to such high quality standards and why famous Dutch yards like Heesen have long advertised that its yachts are tested on the North Sea.

Dutch specialists

Thanks to our expertise in yachts built and designed in the Netherlands, Van der Vliet has sold over 1000 yachts since 1975. Over the course of these years, we have built a dynamic database of buyers and buyers’ representatives, as well as detailed information on over 3500 Dutch-quality yachts. The data we have gathered in our streamlined system allows us to analyse trends very easily, giving us unrivalled knowledge of Dutch-built yachts and the way the market works.

Located close to the very centre of the Netherlands, Van der Vliet’s office is but a short distance to all major Dutch yards, designers and subcontractors. This has helped us build and maintain excellent long-standing relationships and stay in-the-know regarding the latest news and developments. When we need extra technical information for a yacht, for instance, our contacts in the Dutch industry can be very valuable to us as well as to the yacht owner.

Another benefit of 40-plus years of experience is our robust, in-depth knowledge of practically every yacht built in the Netherlands. This helps us set up very detailed specifications of the yachts we list for sale and know exactly what kind of documentation is needed to successfully complete an international sales transaction.

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