Circumnavigation | Jongert 25DS

Cruising the world. A dream of many, and within reach, if you grab the opportunity.
Read along to follow the Journey Sunbeam A made on her circumnavigation of 23670 Sea miles in 197 days on the water.

Palma de Mallorca – Puerto Rico  - 1220 Sea miles in 10.2 days

PUERTO RICO, perhaps not your typical sailing destination, but it has a lot to offer. The 500-year old city of San Juan is magical. The old fort on the cliff overlooking the port, the blue brick cobblestone style roads and the alleys of beautiful restaurants and shops will spoil your eyes. While visiting Puerto Rico, do not miss out on Puerto Mosquito, located on the southern shore of the island of Vieques. Its magical bioluminescent bay has been declared the brightest in the world, recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008.

Puerto Rico – St Lucia  +2750 Sea miles in 22.9 days

Lt Lucia Sunbeam A Circumnavigation stop

St. Lucia, a true island paradise for all water lovers. Warm trade winds gently tousle treetops, are ideal for sailing the deep blue waters that surround this 250 square-mile island. The Caribbean Sea that caresses her western coast is known to be calm in comparison to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. It is an excellent spot for first-time sailors too.

St. Lucia – Colon (Panama) +1140 Sea miles in 9.5 days

Welcome to Panama

The PANAMA CANAL is a real gem to treasure and will give you an unforgettable experience. It is a surreal situation when you find yourself floating on a small yacht alongside a giant ship in a box of water 25m above sea level. Entering the canal can be thrilling, awkward and stressful, while when you descent that last lock you will feel euphoric. Proper preparation for a smooth and timely crossing is advised.

Panama City – Puerto Ayora (Galapagos) +850 Sea miles in 7.1 days

Galapagos Islands

GALAPAGOS: Made famous by Darwin, the Galápagos Islands have lost none of their wonder-inducing abilities due to an abundance of wildlife and landscape that is mostly untouched by the 23.000 people who call it home. A national park and biological marine reserve, the islands are home to a vast number of endemic species. 

The islands sit on top of the Galápagos hotspot where the Earth’s crust is being melted from below, creating multiple volcanoes. If the land-based excitement isn’t enough for you, dive below the surface for spectacular sceneries where sharks, cheekily inquisitive male sea lions, manta rays and whale sharks regularly put in appearances.

Galapagos – Hiva Oa (Marquesas) +3090 Sea miles in 25.5 days

The yachting and sailing sector is alive and vibrant in THE SOUTH PACIFIC. With swaying palm trees, the clearest of clear water and a laid-back, barefoot approach to downtime, the south pacific is an utter cliché of all that’s good about holidays. From April to October you are treated to warm but comfortable temperatures and cooler nights.

Nuka Hiva (Marquesas) – Papeete (Tahiti) +770 Sea miles in 6.4 days

TAHITI sits within a cruising ground of five groups of islands, bursting with emerald volcanic peaks, and vivid, exciting marine life.
There is so much to experience, from swimming with manta rays and sharks, diving and jeep safaris to hiking volcanic rocks. Fans of fine dining can enjoy the very best French cuisine with a Polynesian influence, supported by a palette from paradise. 

Bora Bora – Nuku’alofa (Tonga) +1380 Sea miles in 11.5 days

Bora Bora in Society Islands

The idyllic BORA BORA is for romantics. Situated in the Society Islands, this area boasts some of the most famous, spectacular landscapes in the world. Sail around the ancient volcanic remains and atolls while spotting turtles, dolphins, unspoiled coral and shoals of colorful fish. Sailing the Society Islands offers you an opportunity to appreciate the stunning beauty of the islands from a perspective that amazes as much as it allures.

Musket Cave (Fidschi) – Port Vila (Vanuatu) +510 Sea miles in 4.2 days

VANUATU’s capital and largest town Port Vila, is a convenient jumping-off point to a series of surrounding lagoons, offshore islands, beaches and countless adventures from deep-sea fishing and diving to jet skiing and parasailing.

Port Vila – Cairns (Australia) +1050  Sea miles in 8.8 days

Diving Cairns

CAIRNS – Obvious reasons to visit Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef. It floods the sea with color, while in the opposite direction you find a mountainous coastline, swathed in the tropical rainforest. There are only a few places in the world where this combination of factors come together and make a sailing environment so unique.

Cairns – Darwin +1100 Sea miles in 8.8 days

DARWIN undoubtedly leaves you with a sense of wonder and delight. Just off the coast of Darwin, you find the Tiwi Islands. It is a place like no other. A visit to the vibrancy and color of two modern-day aboriginal communities gives a genuinely immersive and unforgettable experience of indigenous history and culture.
From here you can hop to Bare Sand Island, to discover giant turtles on an uninhabited Island. As an important turtle nesting site, perhaps your eye can catch some hatchlings as turtles nest all year round. In peak season, June and July, dozens of giant turtles go ashore. 

Darwin - Indonesia (BALI) +960 Sea miles in 8.0 days 

Bali Indonesia

INDONESIA - Anyone who visited Indonesia will know its biggest asset is the ability of the people to connect. You cannot even start to imagine how many secret bays there are - each one more peaceful than the last. Despite its undeniable beauty, Indonesia is still an "explorer" destination. There is growing popularity through the increased traffic to the most magnificent archipelago in the world every year. However, nothing to be concerned about, with over 17.000 islands, we are confident it won't fill up anytime soon.

Bali - Christmas Island +600 Sea miles in 5.0 days

Crabs on christmas Island

CHRISTMAS ISLAND is located in the Indian Ocean under Australian authority. Famous for its interesting population of endemic animals residing along the coastline and in the monsoonal forest. Most of the 2000 residents live on the Northern tip of the island where Flying Fish Cove is located. Here you can find the Jetty and a boat ramp, and it is possible to land on the beach by tender most of the year. Every year the mass migration of the red crabs that reproduce in the early wet season makes sailing to Christmas Island a well worth journey. 

Christmas Islands – Cocos Islands (Australia) +500 Sea miles in 4.2 days

As for most yachties, for this Jongert Cocos was also the last stop before crossing the Indian Ocean onto the African continent. Quite a beautiful stop to make, as you can enjoy pink/orange magical sunsets and sunrises on deck and sail off to the recently Australia’s best beach awarded Direction Island for pure relaxation or learn more about the historic trail. Make some time to go snorkeling on the world-renowned “Rip,” a haven for marine wildlife, and go diving along these stunning unspoiled reefs and secluded dive sites.

Cocos Islands – Port Louis (Mauritius) +2400 Sea miles in 20 days

MAURITIUS - Another tropical pearl with turquoise waters and white sand surrounded with pristine coral reefs. Sunbeam A and her owner enjoyed the gentle breezes that caressed the sails, making sailing around Mauritius a satisfying experience for your body and soul. 

Port Louis – Mahé (Seychelles) +950 Sea miles in 7.9 days

Seychelles diving underwater and abbove water island

SEYCHELLES These tiny dots in the Indian Ocean are the epitome of a beach paradise with reasonably constant temperatures year round. 

Beyond just lying on the pristine beaches and island hopping around the 155-strong archipelago, Seychelles has plenty to keep you occupied. The richly layered Creole culture means that the cuisine is an adventure in itself and the multitudes of the people who have migrated to the islands over the past generations have made for a thoroughly textured tradition of storytelling and mythology. An at least once in a lifetime must-visit. The extremely beautiful and delicate marine life at Seychelles ensures that your snorkeling and diving experiences are something truly spectacular.

Mahé – Djibouti +1500 Sea miles in 12.5 days

Whale sharks diving Djibouti snorkle

DJIBOUTI, a change of scenery and the last stop of Sunbeam A before crossing the red sea. An unsurpassable destination thinking in terms of the underwater treasures. Whale sharks are no rarity here and swimming with these majestic creatures is a breathtaking experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Beneath the surface, you will find a mix of shipwrecks and reef sites suitable for all levels of divers. 

Djibouti – Suez +1310 Sea miles in 10.9 days

Suez Cairo Pyramids camel

To circumnavigate, Sunbeam A went sailing the red sea, to the Suez Canal. Before starting the voyage to the Mediterranean, a visit to the Pyramids of Caïro is an absolute must and an excellent way to spend your time if you have to wait for your paperwork to be approved.

Port Said – Iraklion (Kreta) +450 Sea miles in 3.8 days

Crete mediterranean Greek Islands

After sailing for such an extended period, for a European, the Mediterranean and Greek Islands almost feel like coming home again in some way. Hopping the Cyclades with your sailing yacht while indulging in Greek delicacies, still with the most beautiful memories of all your adventures fresh in your mind: what more can you ask for when rounding up an unforgettable journey like that?

Iraklion – Malta +550 Sea miles in 4.6 days

Malta Harbour Europe

Before heading back to Mallorca, there is just one last stop for our Jongert 25DS to make. In Malta, you can go sailing along the sea cliffs, drop anchor in a secluded bay and enjoy crystal clear waters or sail up to Gozo or Comino and enjoy the charms here and a good hike.

Malta – Palma de Mallorca +620 Sea miles in 5.2 days

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