Visit our yachts accompanied with one of our brokers at our first revolutionary Online Virtual Dutch Yacht show on 13|14|15 June.

Van der Vliet Quality Yachts is in business since 1975, and over the years we have been a pioneer in innovations and technologies to support our brokerage activities, and we try to create more transparency and detailed yacht packages for our listed yachts.

Today, we present to you our newest tool to make our clients’ search for a suitable yacht much more comfortable, accessible and relaxed — the very first online Virtual Dutch Yacht Show ever to be organized.

During the opening dates of our online Virtual Dutch Yacht Show, you get the opportunity to visit our yachts and if you register in advance, you can have a live guided tour accompanied by one of our brokers. Our brokers will tell you more about the details of the yacht, while you get a good first impression and understanding if the yacht meets the yachting idea(l)s you have in mind. Important subjects like refits, annual costs, and layout will be covered, so you have all the knowledge necessary to make a well informed decision whether it makes sense for you to travel towards the yacht to see it in real life!

All advantages in a row:

  • You reserve half an hour with our broker, where you can ask questions while “walking” through the yacht
  • You get additional in-depth information from our broker's experience, inclusive information about refits, annual costs, and layout
  • You will get an excellent first feel of the yacht, with detailed high-quality images, professional and personal advice

We have limited availability, so plan your viewing and reserve your spot timely.

Our yachts are on display are:

Hakvoort Beeldsnijder 3135

Hakvoort Beeldsnijder 3135 | Sealion

Benetti Shipbuilding 3680

Benetti Shipbuilding 3680 Lady Ellen

De Vries Lentsch 90

De Vries Lentsch 90 | Griffioen

Jongert 2700M Sloop

Jongert 2700M Sloop, Sea rose star

De Vries Lentsch - Van Mill

De Vries Lentsch - Van Mill | Pradera Blue

Jongert 25DS Ketch

Sunbeam A, Jongert 25DS Ketch

Moonen 72

Moonen 72 | Seabear II

Pieter Beeldsnijder Steel Trawler 2375

Pieter Beeldsnijder Steel Trawler 2375 | Fram

Pilot Wishbone Schooner 2800

Pilot Wishbone Schooner 2800 | Silver Spray

Schooner 1680

Cammenga 85 Pacific Class

Cammenga 85 Pacific Class | As you like it

Aluship Vripack Explorer Vessel 79

Aluship Vripack Explorer Vessel 79 | Andros

Hoek 66 – 2028 Ketch Twin Cockpit

Hoek 66 – 2028 Ketch Twin Cockpit | Amoenitas

Steel Charter Trawler