How to book

How to book

After going through our portfolio and reading through our “charter guide” you will have made a decision about the yacht you wish to charter. At this time we can start the booking procedure. To make sure there are no surprises, please read below for an explanation.

Agreement & payment terms

We will prepare and send you a Charter Party Agreement (CPA)detailing the yacht, the agreed dates, location, cruising area and cost. Upon signing this agreement the first payment of 50% is due to the account shown on the CPA. The CPA is then sent to the yacht owner for their counter-signature and a fully-signed copy will be returned to you. The other 50% plus APA and possible additional expenses has to be paid 28 before the charter commences.

Advanced provisioning allowance (APA)

The yachts in our luxury charter portfolio operate solely on exclusive charter rate basis. This means that the “Charter Fee” includes the charter of the vessel, crew (including their food) and the vessel’s insurance. Other expenses such as yacht and water toys fuel, the chartering parties food and wines, port fees, communications, etc. are additional and are called the “APA”. Such expenditure is estimated at an additional 30% of the Charter Fee and this sum is payable 28 days before the charter commences. During the cruise the Captain will collect an overview of all expenses and, at the end of the charter, will present the Charterer with a detailed statement of accounts and receipts. Any unused APA funds shall immediately be returned to the Charterer. If however the APA is not adequate then the Captain will tell this to the charterer, who will make sure additional funds will be sent to the Captain.

Charterer's preference form

A few weeks before your charter, you will receive a preference form in which you are asked to fill out a couple of details:
Your travel details, we request these so we can have you picked up at the airport and make sure you arrive on your yacht in style.

The guests list

Food likes and dislikes, if you have any food allergies or if you request religious cooking (kosher or Islamic for example), or vegetarian.
A beverage list with soft drink, wine, beer, spirits etc. So we can stock the fridges with your favorite beverages.

Extra services

We have experienced that you as charterer often wish more service than just a yacht charter. You want to travel in style from the moment you step out of your front door. That’s why we have put together a selection of travel partners, so your holiday starts then and there. We can help you with private chauffeur transfers to the airport and private jet charters. Please let us know if you wish us to arrange for this and we will be happy to help. For more information click on “partners”.

Once on board

After your trip from the airport to the yacht your holiday can finally really begin. We, at Van der Vliet Quality Charters, will either be there to welcome you on board or will meet you on the last day of your cruise, unfortunately this will not always be possible, due to the remoteness of your location. If this happens we will certainly be in contact via phone on the first day to make sure you find everything to your satisfaction . During the week we will check in with the Captain to make sure all is going well. If you have any comments please contact us directly or ask the Captain to do so.

Travel itinerary

As seen on this site, there are a couple of suggested itineraries for the cruising area the yacht is in. We recommend these routes because they visit all highlights of the area. However we would like to make sure you understand that there is always a possibility of bad weather or other circumstances that may result in the yacht not visiting all harbors on the itinerary. If for example the ocean is to rough to go out the Captain may decide to stay in for that day. Of course it is also a possibility that you are having too much fun in one place and want to stay there. That is why we suggest that you choose a itinerary beforehand, and discuss with the Captain each day where to go next. If you want to stay, then stay if you want to go and the weather is good enough, then go.