Charter Guide

Charter Guide

Chartering a yacht, either for the first time or when you’re experienced can be quite exciting. To make sure you make the right decision we have written down a guide that can help with the choosing. First of all you decide how many guests you are bringing. 

Then you choose between a motor or a sailing yacht. As a motor yacht is the ultimate luxury for you and your family or friends, when you want to see and be seen or when you just want to relax and be pampered. While a sailing yacht is the ultimate choice for a real boat lover who wants the full experience. 

With this out of the way you decide what your budget is going to be. Please keep in mind that the chartering fee is not the full amount on your bill. You will also pay for an Advanced Provisioning Allowance. This is an allowance so all the extra costs like fuel, food and drinks can be paid. This A.P.A. is around 30% of the charter fee. 

After this difficult choice there’s another big one to make; the cruising area. Where do you want to go? On our site we offer a selection of travel routes, which can make the choosing easier. But if you wish to compose your own itinerary then we will be happy to assist you. 

And last but not least is when are you going and for how long? 

After these difficult but fun things to decide it is time to sit back, relax and let us do the work. We shall prepare all paperwork and will send you a contract to read and sign. Then all we want is you telling us what type of food and drinks you would like on board and then it’s off to take the trip of a lifetime. For more information about how to book we refer to the headline "how to book".