Private Berth Puerto Banús | Marbella

Located just west of Marbella, Spain, you find Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús is the most popular tourist attraction of Marbella, filled with yachts, cars and luxury; it is, undoubtedly, a spot you cannot miss on your next holiday. It was inaugurated in May 1970 as a luxury marina and shopping complex for the rich and famous and since then, it has experienced incredible growth. [...]

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SOLD in a direct deal | Lowland Beeldsnijder 2360

Once again we are delighted to announce the sale of one of our listed yachts in a direct deal. That makes a hattrick of direct deals in close succession for Van der Vliet! This time the lucky lady is this splendid classic Dutch-built displacement yacht. Having been constructed by Lowland and designed by the legendary Pieter Beeldsnijder, she has a very unique pedigree. [...]

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World Oceans Day - Ocean Cleanup

Today is World Oceans Day, a day to think about the ways in which we can honor, help protect, and conserve the world's oceans. The ocean provides us with many resources and services including oxygen, climate regulation, food sources, medicine, and more. This day also provides an opportunity to take personal and community action to conserve the ocean and its resources. [...]

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New Listing | Cammenga 85 Pacific Class

We are delighted to announce the listing of this Cammenga 85 Pacific Class. She is one of the famous 85 Pacific series and is a fine example of the proven timeless solid steel yachts built in the Netherlands. Designed by the famous Dutch architect W. de Vries Lentsch, she was originally built for the Rothschild family. [...]

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SOLD for the second time in a direct deal | Porsius 1900

We are delighted to announce another direct sale of a Dutch quality yacht! This Porsius 1900 has set her sights on the horizon. Sold for the second time by Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts, we wish her new owners beautiful journeys ahead. [...]

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